SAGE (Labradorite) - A Stone of Magic and Transformation

SAGE (Labradorite) - A Stone of Magic and Transformation

SAGE (Labradorite), is a beautiful gemstone known for its magical and transformative properties. In this post, we’ll explore the many benefits of this stone and how it can support you on your journey to inner power and potential.



  • A stone of magic and transformation - help you awaken your inner power, discover your true potential and manifest your dreams.
  • A stone of protection and intuition - help you shield your aura, enhance your psychic abilities and trust your inner guidance.
  • A great stone for adventure and exploration - as it can inspire you to seek new experiences, learn new things and embrace change.



SAGE is associated with several chakras, including:

  • Third Eye Chakra (intuition, vision and wisdom) - help you access your higher self, expand your awareness and see the bigger picture.
  • Throat Chakra (communication, expression and truth) - help you speak your truth, express your creativity and communicate effectively.
  • Crown Chakra (spirituality, enlightenment and connection) - help you connect with the divine, access higher realms and transcend your limitations.



SAGE is associated with Uranus and Neptune:

  • Uranus (innovation, revolution and freedom) - help you break free from conventions, embrace your uniqueness and create positive change.
  • Neptune (imagination, intuition and spirituality) - help you tap into your imagination, access your intuition and explore your spirituality.



SAGE is associated with Aquarius, Pisces, and Sagittarius:

  • Aquarius (inventive, original and humanitarian) - help you express your individuality, innovate new solutions and contribute to the world.
  • Pisces (compassionate, intuitive and mystical) - help you cultivate compassion, trust your intuition and connect with the mystical.
  • Sagittarius (adventurous, optimistic and expansive) - help you seek adventure, stay optimistic and expand your horizons.



SAGE is associated with the Air and Water elements:

  • Air (thought, communication and intellect) - help you stimulate your mind, communicate clearly and gain insight.
  • Water (emotion, intuition and healing) - help you balance your emotions, access your intuition and heal yourself.



In conclusion, SAGE is a powerful gemstone with numerous benefits. It can support you in awakening your inner power, discovering your true potential, manifesting your dreams. Consider incorporating this stone into your daily routine to experience its transformative power.

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