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AURORA SILVER | Magic and Positivity | Intention Bracelet

AURORA SILVER | Magic and Positivity | Intention Bracelet

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Embrace the dawn of a new you with AURORA.



    • Joy and Positivity: Embraces joy, love, and positivity. Uplifts spirits, dispels negativity, and infuses life with optimism.
    • Deep Healing: Known for profound healing properties. Cleanses aura, shields from negative energies, restores balance, enhances well-being, detoxifies body, and promotes emotional healing.
    • Spiritual Growth: Helps connect with inner self and enhances spiritual growth. Aligns chakras, stimulates intuition, awakens inner wisdom, and accesses higher realms of consciousness.


          • Handmade with 100% natural and untreated Rainbow Obsidian from ethical sources
          • Each bead is carefully selected and arranged to enhance your mindfulness journey
          • Features 6mm/10mm beads with gold/silver plated accents on a durable stretch cord
          • Perfect for meditation or as a daily reminder of your spiritual goals
          • Handcrafted in Hong Kong and delivered in eco-friendly packaging
          • Due to natural variation, each bracelet may differ slightly from the one pictured


          Experience the enchantment of the AURORA Intention Bracelet, a symbol of magic and positivity. This beautifully crafted piece is designed to serve as a constant reminder of your personal intentions and goals.

          Made with love and care, each AURORA bracelet is imbued with the powerful energy of positivity. Its radiant charm is reminiscent of the magical lights of the Aurora, inspiring awe and wonder in its wearer.

          Whether you’re embarking on a new journey or seeking to infuse your daily life with a touch of magic, the AURORA Intention Bracelet is your perfect companion. Wear it on your wrist as a testament to your inner strength and the positive energy you wish to attract.

          Remember, you are capable of creating your own magic. Let the AURORA Intention Bracelet be a beacon of positivity in your life’s journey.
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