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MIRACLES IN LIFE | 04 Uplifting | EVERYDAY Essential Oil Blend

MIRACLES IN LIFE | 04 Uplifting | EVERYDAY Essential Oil Blend

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An uplifting blend that reminds you of the wonders and blessings in life.

Experience the uplifting effects of this essential oil blend, designed to help you overcome fatigue, stress, and boredom. Try MIRACLES IN LIFE today and discover the wonders and blessings in life for yourself!


MIRACLES IN LIFE is a unique blend of 9 essential oils with mild citrus & warm spice notes that can:

  • Lift your spirits and calm your nerves
  • Balance your emotions and enhance your well-being
  • Relieve anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Invigorate your mind and body
  • Stimulate your senses and boost your energy
  • Purify your environment and uplift your mood
  • Improve concentration, memory, and alertness
  • Comfort your soul and ignite your passion
  • Enhance your mood and creativity
  • Warm your body and mind
  • Soothe your senses, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression


  • Orange Oil: The Oil of Happiness
    • Aroma: sweet and fruity
  • Bergamot Oil: The Oil of Balance
    • Aroma: fresh and floral
  • Grapefruit Oil: The Oil of Invigoration
    • Aroma: tangy and refreshing
  • Lime Oil: The Oil of Energy
    • Aroma: zesty and vibrant
  • Lemon Oil: The Oil of Purification
    • Aroma: crisp and clean
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil: The Oil of Comfort
    • Aroma: spicy and warm
  • Nutmeg Oil: The Oil of Creativity
    • Aroma: sweet and nutty
  • Ginger Oil: The Oil of Warmth
    • Aroma: sharp and spicy
  • Natural Vanilla Extract: The Extract of Soothing
    • Aroma: rich and sweet

Each oil has its own properties and benefits, but when combined, they enhance each other and create a powerful effect that works together to create a synergy of uplifting, refreshing, and energizing attributes.


  • Diffuser: Add 3-5 drops to your diffuser to fill your space with the uplifting aroma of MIRACLES IN LIFE.
  • Intention Bracelet: Apply a few drops of MIRACLES IN LIFE to the wood beads of your intention bracelet. Inhale the uplifting aroma throughout the day to help you stay inspired and energized.


  • A choice of 5ml/10ml of pure and natural essential oil blends, ethically sourced from the U.S.A. and handcrafted in Hong Kong.
  • Made with 100% pure essential oils, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, non-GMO, no animal testing.
  • Delivered to you in eco-friendly packaging to minimize our impact on the environment.


MIRACLES IN LIFE is more than just an ordinary essential oil blend. It’s an invitation to embrace the wonders of life with gratitude, joy, optimism, confidence, creativity, passion, and love. Try it today and experience the miracles in life!

Pair with our Intention Bracelet Collection for holistic wellness.

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