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RESTFUL NIGHT | 10 Relaxing | EVERYDAY Essential Oil Blend

RESTFUL NIGHT | 10 Relaxing | EVERYDAY Essential Oil Blend

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A relaxing blend that promotes relaxation and restful sleep.

Relax and rejuvenate with RESTFUL NIGHT, our essential oil blend that helps you feel more rested and at ease. This unique blend helps reduce stress and anxiety, balance emotions, and improve sleep quality. Use it before bedtime to boost mood, enhance cognitive function, and drift off to a peaceful slumber.


RESTFUL NIGHT is a unique blend of 6 essential oils with floral and citrus notes that can:

  • Improve your relaxation and sleep
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Balance your emotions and promote happiness
  • Ease headaches, pain, and inflammation
  • Boost your mood and self-esteem
  • Enhance your memory, focus, and mental clarity


  • Orange Oil: The Oil of Joy
    • Aroma: sweet, uplifting, and citrusy
  • Tangerine Oil: The Oil of Happiness
    • Aroma: tangy, fresh, and fruity
  • Lavender Oil: The Oil of Calm
    • Aroma: floral, soothing, and relaxing
  • Chamomile Oil: The Oil of Peace
    • Aroma: gentle, soothing, and herbal
  • Ylang Ylang Oil: The Oil of Love
    • Aroma: floral, exotic, and sensual
  • Sandalwood Oil: The Oil of Wisdom
    • Aroma: woody, earthy, and grounding
Each oil has its own properties and benefits, but when combined, they enhance each other and create a powerful effect that works together to create a synergy of relaxing, calming, and soothing attributes.


    • Diffuser: Add 3-5 drops to your diffuser to fill your space with the relaxing aroma of RESTFUL NIGHT.
    • Intention Bracelet: Apply a few drops of RESTFUL NIGHT to the wood beads of your intention bracelet. Inhale the relaxing aroma throughout the night to help you sleep better.


    • A choice of 5ml/10ml of pure and natural essential oil blends, ethically sourced from the U.S.A. and handcrafted in Hong Kong.
    • Made with 100% pure essential oils, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, non-GMO, no animal testing.
    • Delivered to you in eco-friendly packaging to minimize our impact on the environment.

    RESTFUL NIGHT is more than just a delightful scent - it’s a valuable addition to your self-care routine. With regular use, you can enjoy increased relaxation and improved sleep quality.

    Don’t wait any longer. Order RESTFUL NIGHT today and bring some relaxation into your life!

    Pair with our Intention Bracelet Collection for holistic wellness.

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